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Hum 2 Root 1 - Using two of the following authors –...

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Humanities 2 Professor Bradley Root Spring 2009 Writing Assignment #1: Plutarch, Virgil, and Mark Note: Evidence for your essay must be based only on the assigned texts. 1. After studying Greek and Biblical heroes in Humanities 1 (see Odysseus, Achilles, Moses, David, etc.), we are confronted with 3 figures –Jesus, Aeneas, and Cato -- who do not seem to fit the conventional definition of a hero. After all, a first century Roman or Jew would probably have seen Jesus as a complete failure, having been executed as a common criminal. The same may be argued for Aeneas who is often indecisive: he acts more like a puppet than a true hero. Finally, Cato, after all, loses repeatedly and ultimately commits suicide. What do the texts -- The Aeneid , the Gospel according to Mark, and Life of Cato the Younger -- characterize as the values and actions of a hero?
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Unformatted text preview: Using two of the following authors – Plutarch, Virgil, and Mark (you must choose only two) -- write a thesis-based essay in which you compare or contrast your two protagonists as heroes. 2. When Virgil composed The Aeneid , he designed the character of Aeneas as the highest embodiment of Roman traditional values. Similarly, Plutarch's Life of Cato the Younger portrays Cato as a bulwark of traditional Roman values during a period of instability and innovation. Would Cato have respected Aeneas? Would Aeneas have been a supporter of Cato? Using Plutarch and Virgil, write a thesis-based essay in which you compare or contrast Aeneas and Cato as representatives of Roman values. Length: 4-5 pages. Due: In lecture, 4/22 Wed. Please hand your essay to your section teacher before lecture. You will also need to turn in an electronic copy to Tunritin.com....
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