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Chodorow - Prompt 3 - Spring 2009 - Hum 2 Answer one of the following two questions in a 4-5 page essay, due before lecture starts (that includes submitting the essay to Thursday, May 28. 1. It seems pretty clear that were Dante to place Parzifal in his poem, he would almost certainly end up among the blessed or the repenting in Paradiso or Purgatorio respectively. Setting that aside, and recognizing that Dante often selects one sin as emblematic of a particular sinner's character, where would Dante locate Parzifal in the Inferno were he forced to place him there? 2. Is Parzifal best understood as a large romance poem with elements of Christianity supplementing the main tale, or as a Christian epic supplemented by elements from romance? 3. " Parzifal conceives of Christianity as a private quest rather than as a communal activity." Do you agree? Please remember that counterarguments are required for this and future Hum essays. If you have any questions about these matters, see your TA or the writing coordinator as
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