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Chodorow - Prompt 1 - Spring 2009 - Hum 2 Answer one of the following two questions in a 4-5 page essay, due at the beginning of lecture, Thursday, April 16. 1. You have heard in lecture that many scholars read the Aeneid as a poem that, far from praising Augustus’ Rome, in fact criticizes it. If one took the position that reading the poem as “subversive” is wrong, what would be the two or three strongest arguments in support of such a thesis to be found in the second half of the poem (books 7-12)? 2. “It almost goes without saying that Turnus is a much more admirable character than Aeneas.” Do you agree? Please remember that counterarguments are required for this and future Hum essays. If you have any questions about these matters, see your TA or the writing coordinator as soon as possible . Be sure when you submit your essay online to turnitin, that you submit it as essay 1. Also, remember to submit the hard copy of your essay to your TA at the end of lecture in
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