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Hum 2 Caciola 1 - view of the evidence 2 In both the...

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Humanities 2 Spring 2009 Professor Caciola Writing Assignment No. 1 Write on one of the following topics. 1. "Both Jesus and Aeneas undergo complex journeys toward their divinely-ordained destinies, and for both men, episodes of temptation are crucial. Neither Jesus nor Aeneas could truly fulfill his destiny without these episodes of temptation." Is this statement true to the evidence of the Aeneid and the Gospel of Mark? Compose a paper that either agrees or disagrees with this contention, or that modifies it in some way to fit your own
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Unformatted text preview: view of the evidence. 2. In both the gospels and the Aeneid "piety" is an important concept. Yet that word can be develop different meanings in different contexts. How similar is the "piety" of Aeneas to the "piety" of Jesus? Papers are 5-6 pages long. Be sure that your paper responds to the plausible counterarguments against your own position. 1Papers will be turned in at the end of lecture on April 17. Before turning in the hard copy at that time, you must submit a copy to the antiplagiarism website Tunitin.com....
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