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Unformatted text preview: Humanities 2: Rome, Christianity, and the Middle Ages Final Exam Study Guide Spring 2009 Bradley W. Root Thesis-Based Essays Two of the following three prompts will appear on the final exam. You will be asked to respond to these prompts by composing essays that refer to specific texts, people, and ideas from lectures and the assigned readings. Each essay should have a debatable thesis and a clear organization. 1. Many of the authors we have read this quarter have used representations of women as a way to comment on the moral character of his or her society. Using Dantes Divine Comedy as well as three of the following four textsVirgils Aeneid , Augustines Confessions , Juvenals Satires , and Marie de Frances Lais write a thesis-based essay in which you compare and/or contrast your four authors on how each writer uses representations of women to make a greater statement about the morality of society at large....
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