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Watkins - Hum 4 - Winter 2009 - Essay 1 Writing Assignment No.1 Answer one of the following two questions. 1. Locke argues that civil wars and revolutions will be rare once humans leave the state of nature and enter into civil society. Explain clearly, in detail, with textual evidence, why Locke's arguments against the possibility of frequent revolutions are or are not fallacious. 2. You have heard in lecture that David Hume said "Reason is, and ought to be, the slave to the passions." Explain clearly, in detail, with textual evidence, whether this statement would serve as a suitable epigraph for Voltaire's Candide . Essays must be 5-7 pages long. They are due in lecture, Monday, February 2. Be sure when you submit your essay online to turnitin, that you submit it as essay 1. Also, remember to submit the hard copy of your essay to your TA before lecture in a manila folder (with your name on it) in which you keep all of your Hum writing. Turn in all your writing each time you submit an essay. Late essays will be penalized 1/3 of a
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