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Hum 5 Lee 1 - Wagner and Nietzsche write a thesis-based...

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Humanities 5 Professor John Hoon Lee Spring 2009 Writing Assignment #1: Mill, Marx, Wagner, and Nietzsche Note: Evidence for your essay must be based only on the assigned texts. 1. Both Nietzsche and Mill seem to place a high value on individuality. Do they value it for the same reasons? Do they mean the same thing by individuality? Write a thesis- based essay in which you compare or contrast Nietzsche and Mill on their conceptions of the individual. 2. According to Marx and Mill, what are the constraints on human freedom? What problems are they trying to solve and how do their views of freedom differ? Would Marx find Mill’s view on freedom inadequate? Using Marx as your point of reference, write a Marxist critique of Mill’s idea of freedom. 3. Our goal in Humanities has always been about hearing what you have to say. Let’s put this to the test, shall we? Using any two of the following authors – Mill, Marx,
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Unformatted text preview: Wagner, and Nietzsche write a thesis-based essay in which you compare or contrast your two authors views on a theme of your choice. The requirement: A). You must develop your own topic on a specific debatable issue. Your proposed prompt must be in a written format and must be attached to your essay. B). Your section teacher must approve your project in advance. If you do not consult with your section teacher, then you will not be allowed to write on this prompt. Note: You must get a clearance from your section teacher as soon as possible. You certainly dont want to get vetoed close to the due date. Length: 5-7 pages. Due: In lecture, Tuesday 28 April. Please hand your essay to your section teacher after lecture. Late papers will be penalized by the subtraction of one third of a letter grade per day. Finally, dont forget turnitin.com!...
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