Blog 4 - stories about how people losing stuffs Often I see myself trying to find something that I just had and wondering where I put it while

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Socrates’ famous quote, “Know thyself” tells that knowing who you are is a most difficult question to ask someone. If someone asked who am I is then I can tell him or her about my name, gender, age, and so one. There is no one word that can describe me. It is really hard to define myself who am I is, because it is not just one thing about me can explain everything about me. Also, I am not sure that I can just define myself while living with others in society because people judges. The appearance can tell who oneself is while the inside of individual can also affect to determine oneself. In order to have better understand of human, Sigmund Freud came up with a new theory about the concepts of unconscious mind and thinking. The new idea, unconscious mind influence to understanding of oneself depend on the unconscious mind which actually telling you what to do rather than reason or cognitive thinking. I found really interesting examples and
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Unformatted text preview: stories about how people losing stuffs. Often I see myself trying to find something that I just had and wondering where I put it while holding it. I thought that losing something because I did not care or by misplacing it, however according to Freud, “the more remote reasons for the intention to get rid of a thing by losing it” (95). Even more, the actions of “Dropping, damaging or breaking the object” (95) are in order to replace with something better. I was startled at this idea of why people losing and mislaying some objects. Reading thought the lectures, it gets more interesting about how people can act or think differently depend on their unconscious mind. At the same time, I am afraid of knowing that I might do something with unconscious mind or I already did something that was unconscious. However, it is better to know about there is such thing as an idea of unconscious that can influence to your actions....
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