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8/22/07 Introduction The English language starts around 650 AD and continues to present day. Divided into 3 periods: o Old English 650 1100 o Middle English 1100 1500 o Modern English 1500 Present Day 1066 Battle of Hastings 1500: Introduction of printing, change of power, change of religion (Christian to Protestant) o Protestants believe the Bible is the direct link to God/Heaven Early Modern Language: 1500 1650 o The age of Shakespeare and Dunn OE, ME, MnE are the symbols used. OED=Oxford English Dictionary. OED is the most famous dictionary and consists of 20 volumes. Dictionary of Indo-European Roots is found in the American Heritage Dictionary. o All modern languages of Europe are descendants of Indo-European. 8/24/07 The Indo-European Roots of English Assetts of English (from the point of view of a foreigner) o Large number of borrowings from other languages. Not often aware of borrowings. o English has major derivatives from Latin, Spanish, and French. There is a liability : “False Friends” words that look like and English word, but means something else. 50% of the OE is from other languages. Other languages don’t take on many English words. o Natural/Biological gender (only applies to nouns) is when you perceive something biologically and then assign the word its gender (he, she, or it). In other languages, gender is arbitrary. Gender can change the meaning of a word. This is called grammatical gender . o Lack of Inflections inflections change the grammar of the word. Does NOT change the meaning: Girl + s = plural. Girl + ‘s = possessive
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hel - History of the English Language Daily Notes 8/22/07...

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