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DongHyun Suh Fraud - Dong Hyun Suh Mosaic I Captone...

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Dong Hyun Suh Mosaic I Captone Project: Freud’s Introductory Lectures Sheila Paulos March 17, 2009 When I think about the action of sleep, it meant just getting rest from physical movements. However, after reading Sigmund Freud’s lectures about dream I started to observe different side of the action of sleeping; it is not just getting rest but express your unconscious mind throughout the dreaming. Couple days ago I read interesting article about the sleeping. According to some researchers, generally, people sleep for around 25-30 years in their life time if they live until around 70 to 80 years old. When I looked at this number I did not realize how long I sleep every day which sum up around 25-30 years. Sometimes I woke up with bad dream and sometimes I do know I dreamed but do not remember what happen in that dream. Reading Sigmund Freud’s lectures, I realize that the notion of dream acts as the guardian of sleep. During the night, the unconscious mind protects me from being disturbed by reacting from outside environments such as light, sound, and etc. as well as internal factors by dreaming. Nevertheless, Freud focused more on internal factors.
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DongHyun Suh Fraud - Dong Hyun Suh Mosaic I Captone...

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