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DongHyunSuh Essay Kafka - Dong Hyun Suh 03/31/09 Tuesday...

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Dong Hyun Suh 03/31/09 Tuesday 11:40-1:00 Mosaic I Captone Project: Letter to my father; short story “O Ur-shanabi, climb Uruk’s wall and walk back and forth! / Did the seven sages not lay its…” By the time he was reading the last page of The Epic of Gilgamesh , Kafka’s eyes were half closed and he quickly fell into a deep sleep. When he opened his eyes again, he was standing in front of a castle, which was surrounded by an enormous city wall. After he discovered a man, demonstrating his great physical strength, Kafka was able to resolve that he was in the city of Uruk and the man standing there was Gilgamesh. The tall, magnificent Gilgamesh, who was two-thirds god and one third human, was looking at a statue and seems to be reminiscing about the person who the monument was built for. Kafka came near Gilgamesh, and even before Kafka had chance to talk to him, Gilgamesh spoke to him first. “Kafka, I think Enkidu has completely transformed my life.” At first, Kafka was surprised with Gilgamesh’s acquaintance with his name; however, the way Gilgamesh called his name made him feel that Gilgamesh was an old familiar friend. After reading the book, Kafka envied Gilgamesh for his completely privileged life and his relationship with Enkidu, especially when it was compared with his relationship with his father. Kafka merely wanted to tell Gilgamesh about his miserable life and lament especially about his relationship with his father. So Gilgamesh, all of a sudden, became
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DongHyunSuh Essay Kafka - Dong Hyun Suh 03/31/09 Tuesday...

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