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Dong Hyun Suh Mr. Erdei CHE2204 April 20, 2009 Post-Laboratory Report Aldol Reaction: Dibenzalacetone Data/observation: Start material: 130 uL Product: 312 mg Published Melting point: 90-95 C Experimental Melting point: 79-81 C Calculations: Theoretical yield Percent yield Results/Conclusion: The synthesis we used for this experiment is called aldol condensation because C-C bond is formed when H 2 O is kicked out. One other significant factor for this reaction is that the
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Unformatted text preview: product was able to be produced through an enolate ion intermediate. The melting point was much lower than the published value and the yield was also lower than many other experiments in this semester. This can be due to not being able to collect all the product that was on the spin vane and the filter paper because of the moisture. Also, the lower melting point was possibly due to NaOH remaining on the product....
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