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Postlab1 - but the disadvantage is that it may be difficult...

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Dong Hyun Suh Mr. Erdei CHE2204 January 23, 2009 Post-Laboratory Report Steam Distillation: Cinnamaldehyde Data: Cinnamon 1.005 g Erlenmeyer Flask 24.233 g Erlenmeyer Flask + Cinnamaldehyde 24.455 g Calculations: % Collected : Results/Conclusion: Given the calculated results of 2.18% yield, it is fairly good outcome. From ~1.00g of cinnamon, we were able to retrieve 0.0219 g of cinnamaldehyde. An advantage of steam distillation is that it is easy to perform and obtain the essential oils
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Unformatted text preview: but the disadvantage is that it may be difficult to maintain the temperature to keep the process going. Another disadvantage is that it does not yield a high amount of essential oils. This lab is important because it is possible to learn how things used in everyday life such as perfume can be made as it is used for fragrance. If we are looking for an IR reading from the product, it should lie between 1600s due to the ketone group....
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