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Dong Hyun Suh Mr. Erdei CHE2204 March 23, 2009 Post-Laboratory Report Amide synthesis: Preparation of acetanilide Data/observation: Product: 0.135 g Published Melting point: 113-114 C Experimental Melting point : 118-120 C -Addition of everything is clear -After adding charcoal, black filter charcoal + clear again. Calculations: Theoretical yield calculation Percent yield calculation Results/Conclusion:
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Unformatted text preview: High percentage yield indicates that we followed the procedure correctly. For the melting point measurement, the melting point was a bit higher than the published data. This can be due to not completely dried product, and prematurely measuring the melting point. For the IR analysis, it will show peaks at 1700 for carbonyl group, 3400 for amine, 1350 for aromatic....
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