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Dong Hyun Suh Mr. Erdei CHE2204 April 6, 2009 Post-Laboratory Report Synthesis of Cyclic Carboxylic Acid Anhydrides: Phthalic Anhydride Data/observation: Start material: 0.108 g Product: 0.082 g Published Melting point: 131 C Experimental Melting point: 123-125 C Calculations: Theoretical yield Percent yield Results/Conclusion: For this experiment, the percent yield was only 60 percent. This is the lab I made a major mistake by not placing the filter paper properly. I ended up filtering twice but I could not
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Unformatted text preview: retrieve all the lost product in the flask. Other than that, this experiment was done relatively properly. This experiment was a great experience to learn that formation of a ring compound is possible by using acetic anhydride. We confirmed that the product is the desired outcome of the synthesis by checking the melting point. Unfortunately, we did not perform IR spec. since no equipment was given us to use it....
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