Postlab9 - correct melting point for this experiment....

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Dong Hyun Suh Mr. Erdei CHE2204 April 13, 2009 Post-Laboratory Report Conversion of Piperonal to Piperonylonitrile Data/observation: Start material: 0.101 g Product: 0.062 g Published Melting point: 90-95 C Experimental Melting point: 79-81 C Calculations: Theoretical yield Percent yield Results/Conclusion: This experiment was relatively simple compare to other experiments we did so far in this semester. However, it was not easy to maintain the correct temperature throughout the reaction which is crucial to this experiment. And, the difficulty of keeping the temperature at one point would have been the reason why I did not get much product and
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Unformatted text preview: correct melting point for this experiment. Students should have kept the temperature at 158 C and hydrochloric acid should have been added while the reaction was taking place. Also, some amount of water should have been added to the reaction. It could have been much beneficial for students to take the reaction if detailed instruction as to when such actions should take place. Lower melting point might indicate that there are much of remainder of the oxime intermediate....
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Postlab9 - correct melting point for this experiment....

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