2009-Assignment 1-R Guidelines for Resubmission

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Bio 1111 Assignment 1-R Guidelines for Resubmission 1. Assignment 1-R is due no later than 5pm on March 18, 2009. 2. If you received a score of 30 or lower for Assignment 1, you may resubmit your assignment. If you resubmit your assignment and you received a score of 31 or over, you will receive a 5 point deduction from your original score. 3. The maximum grade possible for Assignment 1 and 1-R combined is 40 points. 4. You must correct the problems that you had in your original submission. Do not resubmit the same file. Read the comments in BB from the instructor who graded the file. If you don’t know what an annotated bibliography is, look it up! We discussed it in class and the librarian talked about it. If you didn’t use correct journal abbreviations, look them up. There are many web sites, in addition to the one the librarian gave you, with journal abbreviations. And remember, the goal is to emphasize concepts we discussed in class.
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Unformatted text preview: So you need to use proper, scientific, biological journal articles and not popular magazines like National Geographic or Scientific American. They are not acceptable sources. 5. You must name your file correctly , according to the Instructions for Submission of Assignment 1-R, which are also attached. If you don’t name your file correctly, you will receive no additional credit. Files must be named as follows: Last Name First Name-Assignment 1-R.doc 6. Once you resubmit your paper, you should see an exclamation point “!” next to your name under Assignment 1-R. If you don’t see this symbol, then your paper was not submitted correctly, and therefore, we have no submission from you. An equal “ = ” sign indicates that there was no submission. It is your responsibility to verify, by checking next to your name, that your submission was received....
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