2009-Instructions for Resubmission of Assignment 1-R

2009-Instructions for Resubmission of Assignment 1-R -...

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The   following   are   instructions   for   submitting   your   completed   Assignment   1- Resubmission through Blackboard.   Please carefully follow the instructions for  correctly naming your assignment, and then upload it to Blackboard according to  the instructions.  Assignment 1-R is due no later than 5pm on Wednesday, March 18, 2009.    NAMING YOUR FILE ****Your file must  be named according to the following guidelines, or it will  not be accepted.  It is imperative that you name your file correctly.  There  are nearly 600 students in this course, and assignments not identified by  name are impossible to track.  If your file is not named correctly, it will not  be graded, and you will have no opportunity for resubmission.  It will be 
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Unformatted text preview: permanently deleted from our records without notification. LAST NAME FIRST NAME ASSIGNMENT 1-R.doc Example: KelleyKim-Assignment-1-R.doc SUBMITTING YOUR COMPLETED ASSIGNMENT 1. In Blackboard for this course, click on Assignments on the main menu. 2. You will see Assignment 1-R listed. 3. Click on View/Complete Assignment . 4. In order to upload your file, click on the Browse button, and locate your completed assignment from your computer directory. 5. Once you have located your correctly named file , click on the box labeled Add Another File to upload your file. 6. Click on Submit to submit your completed assignment. 7. Click on OK to return to the course area....
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This note was uploaded on 06/05/2009 for the course 1 1 taught by Professor 1 during the Spring '09 term at Adventista de las Antillas.

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2009-Instructions for Resubmission of Assignment 1-R -...

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