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Example Assignment - 1 World Water Network:One Ripple at a...

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ld Water Network : e Ripple at a Time Track 1 Agriculture Track 2 Pollution Track 3 Poverty Track 4 Scarcity Track 5 Abuse orld Water Network, Las Vegas, Nevada World Water Network :  One Ripple at a Time  Las Vegas NV, 2009 1
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The assignment for this class was to develop a global conference dealing with water issues.  Students  determined which countries to invite based on those at the first-line of stresses related to water.  This  is an example of a good assignment. World Water Network :  One Ripple  at a Time                     Las Vegas NV, 2009 Objective: The objective is to create the opportunity for the world to recognize the significance of water issues and to network effectively for solutions. Invitees: Water stress results from an imbalance between water resources and water use. Water stress depends on the availability and consistency of resource verses use. Humankind is gradually exercising our right to self-exterminate; the actions of one people are upsetting the balance of nature – the ripple effect has begun. Our actions have undoubtedly caused devastation upon our species and ultimately will lead to deterioration of our fresh water resources, both quantity and quality. The resulting wave could result in extinction via a quick world war or a slow agonizing death, or we can start a new wave, a new ripple. The quest for resolve begins with the countries listed below: Afghanistan Years of drought and armed conflict   China Extreme pollution Iran Unequal distribution of water and intense seasonal rainfall   Mali Poor quality of water and trickle-down effect   Pakistan Supply of irrigation water decrease, poor monsoon rains   Surina 70% of populat world poverty - as living under dollar) Algeria Drying up of underground water   Dominican Republic Soil eroding into sea damaging coral reefs, deforestation Italy Industrial, acid rain, and agricultural contaminates in water   Mexico Redirected water source, leading to scarcity   Philippines Drinking wells running dry, increase in scarcity of water   Swazi Lack of delivery water and incre povertà rate H 2 O crisis is jeopardising foo security Angola Poverty and poor sanitation especially with human waste runoff into water supply   Egypt water requirements increased due to greater irrigation works resulting from land reclamation projects   Japan Population strain and innovations   Morocco Excessive water use in irrigation leading to scarcity Republic of Korea Discharge of sewage and industrial waste   Tajikis Water consump irrigation purpo violent conflicts   Australia - Known for their water innovations France Water pollution from argicultural runoff and urban wastes   Kuwait No permanent surface water flows   Mozambique Poor sanitation, poverty, and mass flood water Russia Surface waters polluted due to lack of prevention   Turkmenistan Use water ineffi and water flow extremely low   Bahrain Arid and semi-arid regions
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Example Assignment - 1 World Water Network:One Ripple at a...

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