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Isle Royal Assignment 2009

Isle Royal Assignment 2009 - Computer Simulation Assignment...

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Computer Simulation Assignment # 3: Ecobeaker Isle Royale . Spring 2008 1.) Introduction Two of the most complex levels in the hierarchy of biological organization are the community and the ecosystem. A community consists of all the populations and species living in a particular area. An ecosystem consists of the community (or communities) and the abiotic or non-living components, such as weather conditions, soil types that effect the living communities (remember it is natural selection). Ecosystems are associated with a particular biome, the major geographic area characterized by a set of dominant vegetation types maintained by the particular patterns of rainfall and temperature. The Isle Royale Ecobeaker Computer Simulation explores basic population biology with predator – prey dynamics. The exercise investigates concepts of carrying capacity, population growth curves, energy flow and how predators influence the overall health of prey populations using a simulation based on a real life ecological situation from an island in Lake Superior one of the great lakes of the United States. To prepare for this lab, read Exercise 2 in the Computer Simulation lab supplement for Isle Royale. As before, the lab is self-directing to a large extent, but reading some background material will help you understand the lab and give you some ideas. In chapter 53 8 th ed., Campbell covers the real life example that the simulation is based on. See figure 53.9 on p. 1189. The mathematical concepts are covered in 53.3 and 53.4 and explain a great deal of what you will see in the simulation. Also use the glossary, index of the book and search functions of the Ecobeaker program. For another example see fig.53.2. Note that you have to use the Ecobeaker Isle Royale progam, not the one in the Symbio Virtual Labs. 2.) Being familiar with the following terms will help you with the exercise: Some of these should be familiar from the previous Ecobeaker lab, Niches & Competition Population ecology Positive / Negative feedback
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