Lab 2 Bacteriology Assginment 2009

Lab 2 Bacteriology Assginment 2009 - Lab Assignment 2...

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Lab Assignment 2 Bacteriology and Microscope (assignment 1) The purpose of a lab assignment is to help you organize and focus on the important lab concepts. Some questions are conceptual in nature and may be done before you come to lab. Others assess if you understand the lab techniques you are using at the bench, ask you to interpret you data & observations and sometimes apply or extend what you learned beyond the lab. What you learn from the assignments will be useful for the quizzes and exams. The concepts you study in lab in a practical, hands on manner will aid you in thinking about the more abstract concepts presented in lecture format. As you work though the lab, make sure you record your data from observations & the organism’s characteristics you are studying. Even if you are not prompted to make a particular observation and record data, the more you write down, or record in some manner, such as a diagram, the more you will remember and you will be able to organize the information From lab you should not only be able to recognize an organism, but also understand how it is related (similarities and differences) to other organisms you are studying in lab. Generally, assignments will be collected at the end of class (1 paper/bench) or the following week as time allows. You will work as a group and receive the same grade – 10 points total. Usually there are two parts, the basic questions done as you go through the lab and additional questions from the end of the lab. You
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Lab 2 Bacteriology Assginment 2009 - Lab Assignment 2...

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