Lab 3 Protists and Fungi Assignment 2009

Lab 3 Protists and Fungi Assignment 2009 - Lab 3 Protists...

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Lab 3 Protists and Fungi Group Lab Assignment Have a copy of the textbook and the atlas in the lab for reference. Complete tables 1 through 4 for Protists and Algae and tables 5 & 6 for Fungi as you go through the lab. These tables are good for organizing what you see and will be useful for reviewing for the midterm. Some of the drawings required for the lab may be used for the assignment. 1.) On page 40 of the lab manual there is a schematic diagram of a paramecium. You are asked to label it including the structures in bold from the text of the lab manual. From the prepared slides and live material from the instructor’s bench, produce a detailed drawing for the assignment with annotations of the structures you can see. From the live organism, include a description of its movement (low power) and the structures responsible for locomotion (high power). Follow the steps on p. 39 of the lab manual. Protoslo or similar solution is necessary to slow the movement for observation. Describe any internal structures you see in both the live
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