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Lab 12 assignment 2009 - Lab 12 Assignment Questions Do as...

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Unformatted text preview: Lab 12 Assignment Questions : Do as preparation for final quiz & practical. There are two parts to this assignment. These questions and the Animal Development Exercise file. This pdf file has a table to be filled in figures to be labeled. Note that there is the usual file questions taken from the lab manual for study purposes but not part of this assignment. 1. Describe the basic stages of development; the process by which an embryo becomes a morula, blastula and gastrula. Include the first step, fertilization. Make drawings and annotate them carefully. Use the table in the second file to organize your answer (same as fig. 5, p. 311). (1 point) 2. As you do the lab, answer the questions in Ex. 1 Early, late cleavage & gastrulation questions for the sea urchin, p. 309/310 as you work through the manual. (2 point.) 3. Draw the distribution of yolk in sea urchin, and chick eggs. How does the distribution of yolk affect cell division and the formation of the blastocoel? Explain using the terms Holoblastic & meroblastic and isolecithal division and the formation of the blastocoel?...
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