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Quizzes ( 4 ), 10 pts each (drop lowest) * * * 30 points (reduced from 5 quizzes) Exams (midterm practical first half labs) * 30 points Exams (final practical animal labs) * * * 50 points End of lab assignments (11) 10 pts each (drop 1 lowest) 100 points Fast Plant write up * * 10 points Comparative Homology Handout * 10 points Eco/Evobeaker Computer simulations (2) 20 pts each 40 points Final Quiz (same day as practical on animal labs) * 20 points Water Testing group project and presentation * * 30 points Binder of all assignments (graded as a group) * 10 points Total lab points * * * * * * 330 points The 330 is multiplied by 1.06 to get to the 350 points total that is used to calculate the lab component
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Unformatted text preview: for the class points total The following two assignments are extra credit in that the points are added to your total after the multiplier. It is possible to get more than a perfect score in lab. 1. Extra credit Ecobeaker assignment (Isle Royale) 10 points 2. Extra credit reading assignment handed in to the instructor. 20 points These points are either the outside reading study or the assignment done for lab in lieu of the reading study....
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