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ORGANIC CHEMISTRY LABORATORY II (CHEMISTRY 2204) TENTATIVE SYLLABUS Spring 2009 Main Campus TEMPLE UNIVERSITY Dr. A L Findeisen OFFICE HOURS: *during and after most labs Organic Coordinator and by appointment Beury 426B E-MAIL: [email protected] Phone: 215.204.7161 COURSE DESCRIPTION: This course is a continuation of Chemistry 2203 in which you will utilize organic chemistry micro scale laboratory techniques introduced there. This course includes the preparation, purification, and analysis including multi-step sequences, of typical moderately complicated organic compounds. Offered year round, it places an emphasis on each student's independent skills in synthesizing and characterizing organic compounds. It meets for one session of two hours and fifty minute each week during Fall and Spring semesters. The "general guidelines" from the first semester course still apply and may be consulted at www.temple.edu/chem-help or www.blackboard.temple.edu Co requisite: Chemistry 2202 - Organic Chemistry Lecture II (Note: This course requires completion of both Organic Chemistry 2201 and Chemistry 2203.) The minimum grade requirement is C- or better in BOTH courses. Failure to meet these standards is grounds for dismissal from this course. TEXTBOOK and SUPPLEMENTAL MATERIALS: 1). Mayo, D W, et al . CUSTOM PUBLISHED VERSION OF " Microscale Organic Laboratory . . .", J.Wiley Custom Services, New York, NY 2009, [available at TU Bookstore, $40] 2). Eye Protection that meets ANSI standards. (Available from the TU Chem Society). 3) " General Safety Guidelines for CST Labs " including the RED release waiver ** 4). “The Official Laboratory Research Notebook” Jones and Bartlett Publishers, Sudbury, MA. SCHEDULING: The FIRST LABORATORY DAY IS TUESDAY, 20 January 2009. Your Organic Chemistry 2204 lab is scheduled for only one meeting per week. Students are expected to arrive on time with a pre lab carbon copy of the pre lab write up that appears in their lab notebook. You should also be prepared for the quiz that begins every lab. By the scheduled end of class students will have cleaned their bench spaces and returned clean equipment as necessary. Your timely attention to these responsibilities will be rewarded. When you return from an absence, come prepared to undertake the laboratory work scheduled for the time noted. ..not for what you missed! Your daily schedule is also presented on the web. If you are using www.blackboard.temple.edu , you may access your account to find the work scheduled plus comments on many of the labs. For those not using Blackboard, you are reminded of the Department's help page - www.temple.edu/chem-help As in Chemistry 2203 this course will include the opportunity to utilize the Technology Center. In this course we will use self pace learning software package, "Spectroscopy" in addition to the “Essential Spartan” program you learned last semester. YOU WILL BE AT A DISTINCT DISADVANTAGE IN THE LECTURE PORTION OF THE COURSE WITHOUT THIS MATERIAL! Most of the term will be spent in the laboratory to which you are now assigned doing BENCH WORK - more
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