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HW key - 1 BIOL105 2008 Problem Set#5 KEY Name DS TA...

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1 BIOL105, 2008 - Problem Set #5 KEY Name _______________________ DS # _______________________ TA ______________________ Textbook problems: Chapter 5: Solved Problems I and II; problems 5, 8, 9, 11, 12, 16, 19, 20a-c, 24a,b The "for credit" problems are due Monday, May 12 by 9:30 am. You can turn them in to the MCD Biology drop box outside the east entrance to Sinsheimer or put them in the cardboard drop box outside my office, or slide them under my office door. We will only be grading 2 of your turned in problems. You can check yourself on the other problems from the Key. Max points for graded problems from PS and Discussion Section: 6 1) In Drosophila the genes forked bristles (f and f+) and vermilion eyes (v and v+) are ~24 m.u. apart on the X chromosome. From a cross of f v / f+ v+ females with f+ v+ males, what % of the male progeny do you expect to be f+ v+? 38% What % of male progeny do you expect to be f+ v-? 12%
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2 2) A 3-point test cross was done in corn using the following markers: p = purple leaves (pur) p+ = green (gre) v = virus-resistant seedlings (res) v+ = sensitive (sen) b = brown midriff on seedlings (bro) b+ = plain (pla) P
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