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2009_1 T02 Q

2009_1 T02 Q - In-Tutorial Practical Question ☺ This may...

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1 TOPIC 2: DOUBLE-ENTRY ACCOUNTING SYSTEM TUTORIAL QUESTIONS T&G Chapter 3 & 4 Discussion Questions (Chapter 3, p.128): DQ 3.2; 3.5; Problems (Chapter 3, pp 131-141): P 3.22; 3.8; 3.28; (Chapter 4, p.194): P 4.12 (Also prepare an income statement and a balance sheet).
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Unformatted text preview: In-Tutorial Practical Question ☺ This may seem like a great deal of work but a number of the questions are very simple. It is important, however, to prepare the selected questions for the tutorial...
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