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Final Exam Study Guide True/False Indicate whether the sentence or statement is true or false. ____ 1. Assembly language is harder for humans to read and write than machine language. ____ 2. The program statement mov edx 7efefeffh is an example of machine language. ____ 3. Most 3GLs were developed before graphical user interfaces, database management systems, and the Internet. ____ 4. Most fourth generation languages (4GLs) incorporate database and advanced user interface capabilities. ____ 5. A fourth generation programming language has a greater degree of instruction explosion than a third generation programming language. ____ 6. Most ANSI standard programming languages are 4GLs. ____ 7. Object-oriented programming views data as a static entity to be passed from object to object. ____ 8. Source code must be translated into executable code before it can be executed by the CPU. ____ 9. A compiler translates assembly language programs into machine language programs. ____ 10. A compiler translates high level programming language statements into machine instructions. ____ 11. The compiler updates an internal table, called a symbol table, to keep track of the data names, types, and assigned memory addresses. ____ 12. The compiler refers to entries in the symbol table to determine source and destination memory addresses for data movement instructions. ____ 13. A debugging version of an executable program omits the symbol table that is normally included in the production version of that same program. ____ 14. A compiler allocates storage space and makes an entry in the symbol table when a data operation such as a computation is encountered in source code. ____ 15. When a compiler encounters a function call in source code it enters descriptive information into the symbol table. ____ 16. A compiler generates one or more MOV instructions followed by a PUSH and JMP instruction to implement a function return. ____ 17. A link editor makes it possible to use a single compiler for multiple operating systems. ____ 18. Compared to dynamic linking, static linking improves the reliability and predictability of executable programs. ____ 19. An interpreter translates an entire program before linking and execution. ____ 20. An interpreter interleaves source code translation, link editing, and execution. ____ 21. An interpreter normally performs static linking of library modules into a program. ____ 22. A Java applet runs within the debugging version of a web browser. ____ 23. Java programs are compiled into machine instructions and service function calls for a hypothetical hardware and system software environment called the Java virtual machine (JVM).
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____ 24. A link editor can be instructed to produce a memory map to show the location of object code modules and library routines within executable code. ____ 25.
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Final+Exam+Study+Guide - Final Exam Study Guide True/False...

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