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Exam+2+Review+-+IS+3040 - Exam 2 Review IS 3040 Spring 2009...

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Exam 2 Review - IS 3040 Spring 2009 True/False Indicate whether the sentence or statement is true or false. ____ 1. A multiplexer converts a digital signal to an analog signal for transmission over a voice-grade telephone line. ____ 2. The signal-to-noise ratio of a communication channel is the difference between the highest and lowest frequencies that can be transmitted. ____ 3. The data transfer rate of a magnetic or optical storage medium is the ratio of bits stored to unit of medium surface area. ____ 4. The speed at which data can be moved over a communication channel is called the channel's access time. ____ 5. Time division multiplexing is used in cable television networks to carry multiple messages on a single transmission medium. ____ 6. Digital still and motion video cameras employ a two-dimensional photosensor array located behind an optical lens. ____ 7. Multilevel coding uses more than two signal parameter levels to encode multiple bits within a single signal event. ____ 8. An amplifier extends the range of data transmission by retransmitting a signal. ____ 9. Broadband transmission divides the capacity of a transmission medium to implement multiple channels. ____ 10. Dynamic RAM requires frequent refresh cycles to maintain its data content. ____ 11. Digital audio tape (DAT) drives use helical scanning to achieve high storage density. ____ 12. Accurate transmission requires that signal-to-noise ratio be less than or equal to zero. ____ 13. In synchronous data transmission, a synchronous idle message signal is transmitted during periods when no data is being transmitted. ____ 14. A SCSI controller translates signals and is attached to two different buses. ____ 15. Frequency modulation encodes data by varying the time between wave peaks within an analog signal. ____ 16. An access to primary storage that is found within a cache is called a cache hit. ____ 17. Binary, trinary, and quadrary signals are all examples of digital signals. ____ 18. An electronic keyboard generates an escape code, which may be translated into ASCII character output by a keyboard controller. ____ 19. A compact disc read only memory (CD-ROM) is an optical storage medium that is written only during manufacture. ____ 20. As storage density increases, problems of data loss due to magnetic leakage and decay decrease. ____ 21. A laser printer requires a larger buffer than a dot matrix printer. ____ 22. Serial transmission sends bits one at a time using a single transmission line. ____ 23. The value of a binary signal parameter is compared to a threshold value to determine whether it represents a zero or a one.
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____ 24. During a push operation, one or more register values are copied to the top of the stack. ____ 25.
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Exam+2+Review+-+IS+3040 - Exam 2 Review IS 3040 Spring 2009...

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