Syllabus Fall 08 - Rev

Syllabus Fall 08 - Rev - Introduction to American...

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Introduction to American Government KSU POLS 1101 (Section 11, CRN 10910) Instructor: Matthew L. Gunning M-W 9:30-10:45 Social Science 3031 Email: [email protected] Fall 2008 Office: English Building 107 Office Hours: M (1:00-2:00), W (1:00-2:00), F (2:00-3:00) and by appointment Course Objectives: The primary purpose of this class is to teach students the core facts about the organization and operation of the U.S. government. Course Description: The course will be divided into three sections. 1) In the first third of the class we will consider the early history of the United States, the political philosophy of the founding generation and major changes to the U.S. Constitution after the founding. 2) In the middle third we will examine groups and institutions that connect citizens to their government. 3) The final third will explore the structure and operation of the three branches of the federal government in greater detail. Required Texts: Janda, Berry and Goldman. The Challenge of Democracy, 9 th Edition Additional Readings: I may assign newspaper or opinion articles for you to read. These will be placed on WebVista. Course Components 25% Exam I 25% Exam II 25% Exam III 10% Attendance 5% Writing Assignment 1 5% Writing Assignment 2 5% Movie Assignment I will provide a Review Sheet to guide your preparation for each exam. Exams will usually consist of about 60 questions. Questions will be a mix of multiple choice, true or false and matching. The writing assignment will consist of reading and commenting on Federalist #10 and
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Syllabus Fall 08 - Rev - Introduction to American...

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