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World Literature Syllabus Fall 08

World Literature Syllabus Fall 08 - English 2110 World...

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English 2110: World Literature Dr. Ralph Wilson 2110-20: T TH 11- 12:15 Office: HU 175 EB 066 Office hrs.: 12:30-2:00 TTH& by appt. 770-423-6597 [email protected] Texts : The Norton Anthology of World Masterpieces (expanded in 1 volume) Course Description: Prerequisites: Engl 1102 (with C or better). A study of world literature which explores human experience by examining diverse aesthetic and cultural perspectives from ancient to modern times. Course Objectives: ---to foster close reading and critical thinking skills --- to foster literary, cultural, and aesthetic experiences which broaden and deepen our understanding of the human condition ---to foster an awareness of diverse cultural contexts in relation to our own ---to develop skills and strategies to make one an effective communicator Course Policies: Attendance: Role is taken every class. Attendance can affect your grade. Since participation in class readings, discussion, and projects is viewed as necessary for the total enrichment of the course experience, the instructor will penalize students who do not attend class 1 (one) full letter grade for each 5 (five) classes missed. Participation: If class participation (or lack thereof) becomes an issue, the course will be amended to include a final evaluation component which includes unannounced quizzes or an in-class tally and grading of in-class oral responses. Criteria for Evaluation: Exam #1: objective portion 100 pts. essay portion 50 pts. Exam #2: objective portion 100 pts. essay portion 50 pts.
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