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World Literature Wilson Final Exam: Essay Portion Answer one of the following questions in class. You may prepare your answer beforehand, but the actual composition of the essay must take place in class. You can refer to our textbook during the writing of the exam, but not to your notes, outlines, or any other texts. 1) Discuss how Basho’s “The Narrow Road of the Interior” exemplifies the Buddhist attitude toward Nature and human existence. Describe that attitude as revealed and illustrated from examples in the text. 2) The purpose of poetry, according to one author, is “to teach and delight.” Discuss either Dickinson, Baudelaire, or Akhmatova with this concept in mind. How does he/she delight (interest, entertain, appeal) to the reader, and what are the major themes or ideas he/she wants to communicate. Use examples from the text. 3) Satire is a literary genre which uses humor to point out the follies and foibles of
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Unformatted text preview: human nature or of society and its institutions (education, religion, social class, politics, etc.). Discuss Candide or “A Modest Proposal” as to the major targets of the satire, the effectiveness of humor in the text, and how the author suggests or implies that we may amend or ‘correct’ our state of affairs. *** Remember that our Final Exam will include an objective test first followed by the essay. It will be administered at the time and date noted on your syllabus . The objective portion of the exam is closed book. Bring a #2 pencil. The essay portion is open text, but no notes. Failure to take the exam at the designated time will result in failure of the course. Only under the most extreme circumstances (death, medical, etc.), and only at the discretion of the professor, will any change in scheduling be considered....
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