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Wilson World Literature Essay Questions: Exam #1 Answer one of the following questions in class. You may prepare your answer beforehand, but the actual composition of the essay must take place in class. You can refer to our textbook during the writing of the exam, but not to your notes, outlines, or any other texts. 1) Discuss and characterize the poems in the Chinese Book of Songs . What are their central subjects, themes, and attitudes toward life? Give examples from the text to support. 2) Discuss the images of women in either The Bible or The Koran or Gilgamesh . What are the images and roles of women in these texts? Are women portrayed positively or negatively, and why do you think this is? Give examples and offer evidence of your perspective. 3) Discuss Arjuna’s dilemma in the Bhagavad-Gita , and how it is apparently resolved. Concepts such as dharma, karma, discipline, action, etc. would be useful to define and apply in this regard. 4)
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