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Group Project Instructions - BISM 3100 Group Project -...

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BISM 3100 Group Project - Web-based System Design Project Objective: The objective of this project is to provide your team with an opportunity to explore and analyze a real world information systems problem, and to integrate the materials from the course. Requirements: The Project Group is required to plan, design, and implement a Web- based solution to treat a present business problem. The group project requires you to look at a real-life company, investigate a problem, propose and implement a solution. The solution should consist of a Web-based IS. A good start will be the Web site of such a company. Try to find a real problem or opportunity that is important enough to get someone in an organization (maybe someone in your team) excited about. The best projects that I have seen came from students who saw this as a learning opportunity rather than a chore. Assessment: The project is worth 150 points. Deliverables: 1. Project Proposal. The team must provide an initial outline of the proposed project to the instructor for approval. This one page outline discusses the organization for which the project will be done, the problem or opportunity that the system would address, and –last but not least - the type of system that your team will design. Please make sure to include the names of everyone in your team on the document. Please use the template attached with the assignments. 2. Project Plan. Project management and team work are very challenging. To help you with the work you have to complete a short project plan (3 – 5 pages) that includes an updated project description, deliverables, deadlines, and responsibilities. From the project plan it should be very clear who should complete what by which time, and whether the project is progressing according to plan. Make sure to include the names of everyone in your team on the document. 3. Project Report . The main deliverable is a professional quality design document. The length of the report will depend on the project that your team decides on. In some cases much more documentation is required than in others. I would like to you to
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Group Project Instructions - BISM 3100 Group Project -...

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