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Syllabus Fall 08

Syllabus Fall 08 - BISM 3100 Management Information Systems...

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BISM 3100 – Management Information Systems Syllabus – Fall 2008 Instructor: Dr. Ali Office: BB 235 Phone: (770) 423 – 6042 E-mail: Via WebCT Vista Location: Burruss Building (Bldg. #4), Room 293 Day/time: Online Virtual office hours: TBD Physical office hours: By appointment. Note: If a BISM 3100 student has a disability or needs special attention, he/she is strongly encouraged to inform Dr. Ali. Note : Please note that Dr. Ali reserves the right to change this syllabus and the course’s plan as he deems appropriate to make it more beneficial to the BISM 3100 participating students. Important dates: Monday, August 18, 2008: First day of class. Saturday, October 04: Midterm exam – in class. Friday, October 10: Last Day to Withdraw Without Academic Penalty. November 26 – 29 – Thanksgiving holiday. Saturday, December 06, 2008: Final exam – in class. Saturday, December 13, 2008: Final grades due. PREREQUISITES BISM 2100 – Business Information Systems and Communication CATALOG DESCRIPTION BISM 3100 illustrates the variety of applications for, and benefits from, computer-based information systems in business. Examines technical, process, people, and organizational issues in information systems planning, development, operation and control COURSE DESCRIPTION The course teaches sound, proven IT management basics and describes processes and procedures for applying them. A "best practices" approach with practical real-world application, as illustrated with case studies, is emphasized. Topics covered include: management of strategic IT; resource allocation, planning, and evaluation; contemporary hardware, software, and telecommunications architectures; managing systems development; operations management; change management; measuring and tracking quality; human resource issues; and current industry trends and issues. The following diagram shows the main types of knowledge you will learn in this course, and the chapters that they are discussed in. The diagram is divided in three parts: Why you need to learn the material in the course; What you need to know about to be a successful business professional; and How management information systems are developed in organizations. BISM 3100 1
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Students investigate the problems and opportunities created by new technologies. Students investigate innovative applications of technology in business practices. Critical Thinking Students analyze scenarios and articulate positions on various ethical issues regarding information systems and the Internet. Ethics Students learn how teams form and perform effectively. Students assess their effectiveness as a team Students work in teams or as a class to complete part of the course work Interaction Students analyze the impact of external forces on the success of an information technology development project. Perspective
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Syllabus Fall 08 - BISM 3100 Management Information Systems...

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