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EE1; Homework 3: DUE APRIL 30TH THURSDAY 5 PM (THERE IS A COLLECTION BOX NEAR MARIKO WALTON’S CUBICLE IN 66-127 ENGR IV ) 1) Charge Q1 is uniformly distributed over a thin spherical shell of radius a , and charge Q2 is uniformly distributed over a second spherical shell of radius b , with b > a . Apply Gauss’s law to find E in the regions: (a) R < a , (b) a < R < b , and (c) R > b . 2) Why is the electric potential at a point in space always defined relative to the potential at some reference point? 3) A circular disk of radius a shown below has uniform charge density ρ s across its surface. a. Find E G for a height z on the z-axis.
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