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lecture_11_notes - Lecture 11 Photosynthesis...

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Lecture 11 Photosynthesis http://www.school.net.th/ Light energy capture Light -> Chlorophyll -> high energy e- from H2O (--> O2) chlorophyll is inside thylakoid membrane in protein complexes called photosystems high energy electron enters e- transport chain e- originates from H2O in the reaction: H2O -> 2 H+ + O (this generates O2) e- transport chain is inside thylakoid membrane two uses pump H+, form gradient, power ATPase, make ATP H+ is higher inside thylakoid vescicles reduce NADP+ to NADPH Dark reaction was mystery at first use 14C-labelled CO2, feed it to algae, pulse with light, isolate cellular compounds in cells at 3s and 30s and separate the analyze at 3s, 3-P-Glycerate (3PG) at 30s, many compounds labeled conclusion: 3PG Ribulose biP carboxylaase (RuBPC, or Rubisco) is the enzyme that catalyzes the following rx: CO2 + RuBP -> 2 3PG - 1 -
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3PG is processed by reactions that use ATP and NADPH into glyceraldehyde-3-P (G3P)
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lecture_11_notes - Lecture 11 Photosynthesis...

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