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study questions 20

study questions 20 - Study questions 20 Gene regulation 1...

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Study questions 20. Gene regulation 1. The -35 and -10 regions are made of this polymer _________ the numbers refer to the _________ of this process ____________ are bound by this molecule ________________ Answer polymer refer to the ___________ process molecule a DNA start translation DNA polymerase b RNA end replication RNA polymerase c protein start translation ribosome d RNA end translation ribosome e DNA start transcription RNA polymerase 2. A negative regulatory protein that opposes transcription recognizes a binding site that is more likely to be overlapping with: a. Start codon b. Stop codon c. tRNA anticodon d. -10 region e. transcription termination site Anthocyanins are red pigments formed by plants. They are responsible for the red or blue color of flower. Their biosynthetic pathway is as follows: Phenylalanine -> -> -> G -> H -> -> anthocyanins G is a common metabolite present in many cells and utilized by many metabolic pathways. Com- pound H is the first committed to the anthocyanin pathway: the more H is made, the more antho- cyanin is made, the more anthocyanins the redder the petals.
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