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study question 10-1

study question 10-1 - 500 cells of another species and...

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BIS2A Study questions 10 Two species of non-photosynthetic bacteria, L and M, have similar metabolism, but for the ab- sence of the Krebs cycle and the electron transport chain in M. Using separate flasks, you in- troduce 1000 cells of each L and M in a growth medium containing glucose and incubate the flasks in the presence of O2 (aerobic conditions). 1. Which species will produce the most cells in one day of growth on this medium? Why? 2. What might you find in the medium where M has been growing? 3. What do you expect if you repeat the experiment after removing O2 from the growth media (anaerobic conditions)? A third species, P, also has similar metabolism, but lacks a key enzyme of glycolysis. 4. How would this bacterium perform under aerobic and anaerobic conditions in the same medi- um used above? You now perform mixed inoculations in which 500 cells of each bacterial species are mixed with
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Unformatted text preview: 500 cells of another species and introduced into a single flask with the glucose medium and the additional conditions specified below. Under these competitive conditions the bacteria that can best utilize energy-rich molecules in the medium will grow more. Predict the outcome specifying which bacterial species can grow at all, and which is expected to become dominant after one day of growth. 5. Aerobic conditions: L + M 6. Anaerobic conditions: L + M 7. Aerobic conditions: L + P 8. Anaerobic conditions: L + P 9. Aerobic conditions: M + P 10. Anaerobic conditions: M + P 11. Aerobic conditions + cyanide: L + M 12. Anaerobic conditions + cyanide: L + M 13. Aerobic conditions + arsenic: L + M 14. Anaerobic conditions + arsenic: L + M...
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