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Ends 150 Palazzo Caprini or house of Raphael in Rome introduces new interpretations of elevation Anticipates mannerism two stories, really 4 stories! Windows in frieze tense, dense rustication, visually active Raphael sig: painter/architect early and high Renaissance Villa Madama, Raphael pleasure palace, gardens, grottos, promenades, terraces, Palazzo Branconio visually busy, crowded, tight, no depiction of stories, syncopated rhythm, atypical solutions, no clear verticals Palazzo Spada very similar to branconio 2 phases of late renaissance 1 st = 1527-59 reaction to ideas of the high renaissance much stronger,
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Unformatted text preview: more contrast, more self-conscious 2 nd = 1559-90s virtuoso performance = showing off high ren = clarity, symmetrical balance, harmony, cohesiveness, light is even 1 st = ambiguity, diversity, light flickers high renaissance vs. mannerist Giulio Romano and Michelangelo G.R. - Palazzo del Te, Mantua federigo gonzaga, Duke of Mantua suburban villa type Michelangelo mannerist, lots of tension, takes classical formulae apart, reassembles parts, compositional logic vs. structural logic tension – forms that do not quite touch, creation of adam, Sistine chapel,...
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