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Important Notes Concerning Lab Exercise 4 Auscultation : 1. Auscultation – taking blood pressure with a Sphygmomanometer a. Keep the room QUIET!!! b. Stethoscope ear pieces should be pointing “forward” c. Some stethoscopes have an ON/OFF “switch”. Place scope in ears and GENTLY tap the listening pad d. Don’t make more than three consecutive BP measurements upon the same arm e. Learn to take the measurements as quickly as possible Tilt Table : 1. Select the most “orthostatically” intolerant individual 2. Have BEST BP takers on each arm 3. Before you begin, KNOW WHEN you should take BP measurements & when you should
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Unformatted text preview: use the event marker a. It is critical to get the first BP measurements within 10 seconds of the tilt in order to see the body’s compensatory response Exercise Bike : 1. Come dressed to exercise 2. Come hydrated and NOT on a completely empty stomach 3. Best to use a moderately active individual 4. Have BEST BP taker performing BP measurements 5. No rest between workloads 6. Record 20-30 seconds worth of EKG data at the end of each 2 minute workload WHILE BP measurement is being done Diving Reflex : 1. Bring your own towel? Sassan Rafizadeh – F2007...
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