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Important Notes Concerning Lab Exercise 8 1. We use two different types of Ringer Tyrode’s solution in this lab: normal and Ca +2 -free. Make sure you are using the right one for each portion of the lab!! 2. Monitor temperature carefully: should be between 35-38 deg C (temperature outside of this range will have adverse affects on motility) 3. Constantly monitor bubble rate: should be about 1-4 bubbles per second (if too high motion artifacts, too low poor motility) 4. cuvettes are expensive! Do NOT over-tighten lids 5. Do NOT remove cuvette lid while pump is still running 6. Make sure the gut segment has a fair amount of passive tension when tied to the force transducer (if too loose no tension will be recorded) a. Should pass thread through both sides of intestinal wall ~3-4 mm from each end b. Tie small loop on 1 end (for anchor point); a larger loop on the other end (nearest the transducer). A third loop will be used to tie the large loop to the transducer.
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Unformatted text preview: 7. Check orientation of force transducer BEFORE tying gut segment to transducer (contractions should produce an increase in tension on the monitor) 8. Watch for data clipping! Need to anticipate the expected changes in tension and set baseline appropriately BEFORE adding an experimental substance a. Epinephrine decrease intestinal motility (baseline should be set near the top of the screen) b. Methacholine increase intestinal motility (baseline should be set near the bottom of the screen) c. ADP decrease intestinal motility (baseline should be set near the top of the screen) d. NOTE: changes in intestinal motility may be manifested in 3 ways: (1) changes in amplitude of contractions, (2) changes in frequency of contraction, and (3) changes in baseline tension e. If data gets clipped, you will need to Full-Scale knob and NOTE the time at which the Full-Scale knob was changed (use event marker) Sassan Rafizadeh F2007...
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