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Justin focus ques. 4 - Justin Gardiner CULF 3331:...

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Justin Gardiner CULF 3331: International Development Focus Questions 3331 #4 Urbanization 1. Imagine that you are the president of Mexico. What would you propose to help solve the environmental problems in Mexico City? In order to come up with a viable solution for the environmental problems in Mexico City, one must be able to diagnose them. In 1992, The World Health Organization (WHO) ranked Mexico City as the most contaminated city in the world. By the year 1998, it was known as “the world’s most dangerous city for children.” Air pollution by far is one of Mexico City’s biggest problems. “WHO studies have reported that it is unhealthy to breath air with over 120 parts per billion of ozone contaminants more than one day a year, but residents breathe it more than 300 days a year.” This has caused more than one million of the 18+ million to have breathing problems for the rest of their lives. It is said that there is a looming cloud of pollution over Mexico City, due to the amount of pollution and being stuck in a basin. This basin doesn’t allow for winds to blow away the pollution as would the usual mega-city. “Perhaps three million residents at the edge of the city do not have access to sewers, says the Mega-Cities Project.” There are a superfluous number of cars in Mexico City, and more than 30 percent of those cars are over 20 years old. Needless to say, the city isn’t necessarily “going green.” If I were the President of Mexico City I would propose a system of rebates for cars. If the car was 10-19 years old I would mandate a $3,000 rebate that is good for any car dealership in the country. The citizen would be able to trade in the old car and receive the offered rebate off of a purchase of a newer car with efficient and/or hybrid qualities. The offered rebate for a car 20 years and
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older would be $5,000 with the same stipulations. I may also introduce a more efficient mass transit system such as buses and trains and maybe for the first couple
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Justin focus ques. 4 - Justin Gardiner CULF 3331:...

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