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GRADletter dad - Hey big fella. Obviously this is a turning...

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Hey big fella. Obviously this is a turning point in my life, that we all inevitably get to take part in and I wanted to write each of you specifically to reflect on ME and YOU up until this point. I first want to let you know that I credit most everything that I am to you and mom. I am who I am, I have accomplished the things that I have, and will experience the destined future successes that I will, due to the confidence, love, and encouraging example that you guys have shown me the past 22 ½ years. The climb starts now. All of the struggles and stories up until now can be sealed in a book called “The First Third,” but every day from here I will live like it’s the last. Now starts the climb up the corporate ladder. Now starts the climb towards starting a family of my own and instilling the standards you showed me were most important. Now starts the journey of finding out how to help others that I can help. I remember back to when I was young and you took me to sports games like the Ft. Worth Fire hockey games, Rangers games, you took me to a Dallas Cowboys exhibition game once, Harlem Globetrotters, and so many more. I was always so proud that my dad was my coach in every sport even though I knew it didn’t mean that I was going to be cut a break and guaranteed a starting position. You coached the Chicago White Sox to two or three undefeated seasons at the YMCA, and then jumped in for my team at the harder league. The Rangers soccer
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GRADletter dad - Hey big fella. Obviously this is a turning...

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