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Reading and Comprehending

Reading and Comprehending - before that I would had find...

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Reading and Comprehending Week 7 06/04/2009 8 secrets for a Knockout Business Presentation After reading the text and applying the instructions from page 140 of the text, I determine that my word-per-minute reading rate is 178 words per minute. Dig Deep: Give the unexpected. Avoid Info Overload: Remove irrelevant words and pictures. Practice Delivery: Practice and remove distractions like pauses, work on body language. Be natural. Forget Comedy: No jokes. Pick Powerful Props: Simple props help deliver the message. Minimize You: Made the audience the main character of the presentation. Speak the Language: Know your audience, explain terms and acronyms. Simple Slides: Use slides that emphasize, and highlight key points. Because this particular reading had already been assign to me on COM 140, I had a very open mind while reading it. Just because I had already read it, I did not though I was wasting time by having to read it one more time.
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I did this reading alone on my home office after the children had already gone to bed, if I had done it
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Unformatted text preview: before that, I would had find myself doing the reading several times, instead of just one ore two times. I minimized the distractions (internal and external) by having first a good dinner, so I did not have to stop because I was too hungry to concentrate, I blocked external sounds like TV o video games, I did this by putting on my headphone and listened music while I worked; this helped me to concentrate. I became emotionally involved with the text because the ideas, that the author proposes, will help me in the future. When I originally read the text, even before I had read the assigned material for this week, I did it with the purpose of getting information for the final project of COM 140; after reading this week material, I have to said that I read the text for practical application. Factoid: a brief (usually one sentence and usually trivial) news item....
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Reading and Comprehending - before that I would had find...

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