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Diocletian Great Persecution Constantine Edict of Milan (312) Constantinople (Byzantium)  Pope Saint Augustine Monasticism  Council of Nicaea The Great Migrations  Huns Visigoths Franks Clovis (466-511) Merovingians   Slavs Caesaro-papism  Justinian (527-565) The Church of Holy Wisdom (Hagia Sophia) Corpus Iuris Civilis  Bulgars  Islam
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Mecca Medina Hijra  Kaaba  Umma  Muhammad Qur‘an Dhimma  Sharia  Caliph Umayyad dynasty Sunni Shi’i 
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Unformatted text preview: • Dome of the Rock • Iconoclasm • Donation of Constantine • Pepin the Short • Carolingians • Charlemagne • Holy Roman Empire • Carolingian Renaissance • Macedonian Renaissance (850-950) • Cyril and Methodius • Kievan Rus • Abbasids • Islamic Renaissance (750-1050) • Ibn Sinna or Avicenna (d.1037) • Caliphate of Cordoba • Treaty of Verdun 843 • Manor • Vikings • Feudalism • Lay Investiture • Cluny...
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List_of_Key_Terms_for_Quiz___3 - • Dome of the Rock •...

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