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CEE 3000 Homework 1 -- Sample Solution #1 Grade: A Question One A. USDOT: The United States Department of Transportation has very little direct effect on transportation in Metro Atlanta. They do have the ability to make federal laws and set standards to which the Georgia Department of Transportation, as well as other organizations, must comply. Also, USDOT administers funds for the GA system. B. GDOT: The Georgia Department of Transportation is the leader in planning and building safe, reliable roads and bridges for Metro Atlanta. The department also finances and assists in planning the mass transit systems and airports in the area. They directly oversee the smaller groups like the ARC, the GRTA, and the MARTA. C. EPD: The Environmental Protection Division of Georgia owns the task of maintaining land, water, and air quality for the state. One of the largest effects they have on the transportation system is through requiring emissions testing to keep cars on the road and pollution levels down. D. ARC: The Atlanta Regional Commission has a Transportation and Air Quality Committee that works on transit issues for the 10 county area by bringing together the GA DOT, the EPD, the MARTA, and the GRTA. While the larger organizations have more money and policy-making power, the ARC is able to focus solely on Atlanta and bring change more quickly than other groups. E. GRTA: The Georgia Regional Transportation Authority helps plan transit and works with the governor for developing policies for the 13 county area. They also help direct investments toward improvements in roadway congestion, safety, and infrastructure. F. MARTA: The Metro Atlanta Rapid Transit Authority maintains, designs, and builds the public transit system through Atlanta. They focus on providing environmentally friendly public transportation through their trains and clean fuel buses. They joined with the GRTA and the ARC to set up the Transit Planning Board to draft the next expansion and funding plans for the future of modern transportation in Metro Atlanta. G. The definition of a “stakeholder” is a group or organization that has an interest in the success of a system. They are highly influential and desire to maintain the integrity of the system because their organization depends on it. In this case, all of these groups have a responsibility to Atlanta's transportation system; the citizens rely on them to ensure the system's day-to-day quality. If it fails, the blame is passed to these groups. Deleted:
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HW1SampleSolution1 - 1 CEE 3000 Homework 1 - Sample...

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