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CEE 3000A HW 1 – Sample Solution #2 Grade: A 1. What are the roles of the USDOT, GDOT, EPD, ARC, GRTA and MARTA in providing transportation for the Metro Atlanta community? Why are these agencies referred to as “stakeholders”? a. USDOT: The United States Department of Transportation is responsible for establishing the nation’s transportation policy, and developing safer and faster transportation solutions that help the economy. b. GDOT: The Georgia Department of Transportation is mainly responsible for planning, constructing, and maintaining the state’s roads, bridges, and other infrastructure. It also keeps track of statistical data of the different measures of performance, thus helping to plan and set realistic targets for future years. c. ARC : The Atlanta Regional Commission is the regional planning and intergovernmental agency that develops policies to enhance the mobility, reduce the congestion, and meet air quality standards in the metro Atlanta area. d. GRTA : The Georgia Regional Transportation Authority is a government authority whose mission is to improve Georgia’s mobility, air quality, and land use practices. It partners with state and regional agencies to prioritize transportation plans and programs, and to keep track of the measures of performance. e. MARTA : The Metropolitan Atlanta Rapid Transit Authority is the main rapid transit system of the metro Atlanta area. It has a network of buses linked to a heavy rail rapid transit system. These five agencies are referred to as stakeholders because they are responsible for the planning and development of the transportation system in metro Atlanta. Together, they have the authority to take important decisions that may significantly affect the future of metro Atlanta’s transportation system.
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2. Select four measures of performance from the 2005 MAP data and evaluate the quality of growth of the Metro Atlanta Area by answering the three questions below. a. Using the definitions of sustainability in your readings, lectures and other sources, develop a definition for a sustainable transportation system. Sustainability can have several meanings depending on the area being considered. Therefore, the definition of a sustainable transportation system varies with many factors such as the demographics, size, and population of a given city. In general, a sustainable transportation system is one that satisfies the needs of its human population without having to compromise the preservation of the environment. It is a system that minimize s the consumption of resources, thus minimizing the negative ecological impact. It is a system that minimizes the harmful emissions from vehicles by providing efficient public transportation services. It is a system that provide s faster commutes for the people while improving their safety. In summary, a sustainable transportation system is one that
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HW1SampleSolution_2 - CEE 3000A HW 1 Sample Solution#2...

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