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Novemeber_13th_Lecture - Dj=(n – j 1(n/2(C-Sn Declining...

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Novemeber 13 th CEE 3000 Depreciation The systematic allocation of an asstes cost over the life of the asset. Eg. Book value= original cost of asset minus the accumulated epreciated. Straight Line Depreciation Dj = (C-Sn)/n Sum of Years Digits Depreciation
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Unformatted text preview: Dj= (n – j +1)/(n/2*(C-Sn)) Declining Balance Depreciation Dj = (2C)/n*(1-2/n)^(j-1) Sinking Fund Dj = (C-Sn)(A/F,%,n)(F/P, %, j-1) Modified Accelerated Cost Recovery System Dj= (2/n)(C- summation of depreciation)...
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