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CEE 4600 Fall 2007 – LAB 1 DRIVER EXPECTANCY AND DRIVER BEHAVIOR Due: Section C1 - August 27, 2007 Section C2 – August 30, 2007 1. Conduct a group field review at two locations within a ten (10) mile radius of campus. The first location is I-75 Southbound at the Brookwood Interchange. Your group will select the second location. 2. Document field observations including date, time, duration of field evaluation, conditions, and any other pertinent information. 3. Each site must have some problem that is the source of a driver expectancy or driver behavior problem. Identify the problem and driver movements that result from the problem. A diagram of several types of erratic maneuvers that you may witness at Site A is attached. (Be sure not to limit your observations to these maneuvers). 4. Recommend modifications that could be implemented to improve the problem at each location. Note: You should assume that major reconstruction is not feasible and that improvements should be made in the form of signing, striping, or minor construction
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Unformatted text preview: improvements. 5. Submit a group report that includes your observations and recommendations. At a minimum include: • Formal Letter of Transmittal (See Example) • Problem Identification Summary (Outlining selected locations and observed problems), • Sketch or labeled aerial photograph, • Explanation of your observation approach and procedures, • Results of your evaluation, • Conclusions / Recommendations, and • Appendix including Data Collection Information, Supplemental Calculations, etc. 6. In conducting field observations, please use good judgment in parking your car, walking around the area and not interfering with the flow of traffic. If drivers are aware that you are observing their behavior, they may alter their driving. As with all field studies, safety of both the observers (your team) and the roadway users are of primary importance. While observing, do not distract the drivers or enter the roadway at any time....
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